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SPEAR Fund President Issues Statement Regarding False Criminal Allegations Against Tim Ballard

(SALT LAKE CITY, UT— November 16, 2023)—The SPEAR Fund—an organization funding and defending efforts to end child-trafficking in our time—is releasing a statement from President Ken Krogue:

“We have not been informed of a complaint by any of the women to law-enforcement, nor have we been contacted by any law enforcement agency.

“The fact that a purported criminal complaint has been leaked to the media is even further evidence of the true intent behind this charade. It is designed to stir up a media frenzy, to harm the reputation of Mr. Ballard, and to impede his and others’ efforts to fight the sex trafficking industry.

“A private citizen has no authority to initiate a criminal investigation or prosecution. While any citizen can submit a complaint to law-enforcement, it is up to law-enforcement to determine whether or not to investigate, and then it is up to prosecutors to determine whether or not to prosecute. The fact that one or more of the women suddenly supposedly realized that they were victimized by a crime raises questions as to their credibility and intentions that will be answered in the pending litigation.”


About The Spear Fund

The SPEAR Fund is an innovative organization that funds and collaborates with a coalition of experts, organizations, and concerned citizens from around the globe, working in unison to end human trafficking in our time.