Three minors and two women rescued.

Six sites seized.

Ten traffickers arrested.

This is what happens when we come together, united in the mission to eradicate the heinous crime of human trafficking.

Aerial Recovery operators joined forces with Children’s International Rescue Foundation (CIRF) on a mission to Colombia to rescue women and children from the human trafficking they were being forced into and to put the perpetrators behind bars. The mission was a success, and these women and children are now on their way to healing and recovery!

Through your generosity, we can assist more organizations worldwide in their efforts to rescue children from the horrors of trafficking by providing them with aftercare services to heal, rehabilitate, and recover; empowering them to live a life of hope.

We’re recruiting you to help us, help these children.
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The SPEAR Fund

The SPEAR Fund represents an unprecedented endeavor: funding and collaborating with a coalition of experts, organizations, and concerned citizens from around the globe, working in unison to end human trafficking in our time.

Aerial Recovery

Aerial Recovery is a veteran-led 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to SAVE LIVES & STOP EVIL. Our mission is accomplished through 3 Core Pillars: Heal the Heroes Initiative, Man-Made and Natural Disaster Relief, and Anti-Human Trafficking. To date, Aerial Recovery’s Humanitarian Special Operators have saved over 8,000 lives across the globe.