Four minors and two adults were rescued.

Three raids in three different states.

Five perpetrators were arrested.

This is what happens when we come together, united in the mission to eradicate the heinous crime of human trafficking.

The SPEAR Fund was able to support Free A Girl USA on an operation that took place in India in August of 2023 because of the generous donations from people all over the world – and we hope to be able to do many more!

Through your generosity, we can assist more organizations worldwide in their efforts to rescue children from the horrors of trafficking by providing them with aftercare services to heal, rehabilitate, and recover, empowering them to live a life of hope.

We’re recruiting you to help us, help these children.
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The SPEAR Fund

The SPEAR Fund represents an unprecedented endeavor: funding and collaborating with a coalition of experts, organizations, and concerned citizens from around the globe, working in unison to end human trafficking in our time.

Free A Girl

Free a Girl rescues minor girls from sexual exploitation. To date, we have rescued more than 7,000 survivors worldwide. We help survivors achieve justice by tracking down the perpetrators and tackling impunity. When they’ve had time to heal, Free a Girl empowers the girls to become awareness-raising Watchdogs and Change Agents in their communities. Our School for Justice program trains survivors to become the best lawyers, paralegals, police officers, social workers, and journalists to change the system from within.